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Outdoor LED display how to conserve it?

Author:       CTR:2362       Source:       Date:2015-09-25

In recent years, outdoor LED display has become the major business companies publish information and promotion of the main tools to do now walking down the street, almost every retail store will have a LED display figure, since these LED display in the outdoor environment of long-term so be extra good care so how to care for outdoor LED display it?
First, keep the outdoor LED display uses ambient humidity, do not let anything nature has moisture into your LED display inside. Containing humidity outdoor LED display is powered on, will cause corrosion of components and cause permanent damage.
Second, outdoor LED display the user's relationship with us most closely and do cleaning and maintenance work is also very necessary. Outdoor LED Display prolonged exposure to outdoor environments wind, sun, dust and other dirt easily noticeable, some time down the dust on the screen is certainly one, which requires timely cleaning surfaces to prevent dust affect long wrapped viewing.
Third, to avoid possible problems encountered, we can choose a passive protection and active protection, try as they may cause damage to the outdoor LED display items away from the screen, and when the LED display is also wipe clean gently as possible, the minimize the possibility of injury.
Fourth, the LED display is strictly prohibited water, iron and other metal objects that conduct electricity easily. Outdoor LED display as much as possible be placed in low-dust environment, large dust will affect the display, while excessive dust will cause damage to the circuit. If the water for various reasons, please power off immediately and contact maintenance personnel, until the screen displays the body panels and dried before use.
Fifth, requires a stable power supply and ground protection is good, do not use in particularly harsh weather and strong lightning natural conditions.
Six, outdoor LED display switching sequence will have an impact: First To open the control computer in the open outdoor LED display, this is in the open. And turn off when you shut down outdoor LED display, the computer shuts down.
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