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GKGD show on Shanghai International LED EXPO

Author:       CTR:2547       Source:       Date:2015-09-25

The 11th Shanghai International LED Expo was opened in September 16th ,2015. As a dark horse of domestic LED display industry, “GKGD”distinguished himself for the first debut with a dozen of new products including P3 die-casting aluminum cabinet and outdoor P6 surface-mount screen. 

Since 2014, GKGD gradually beefed up its marketing which led to a soared popularity of “GKGD” brand. The main screen of outdoor surface-mount P6, which is the biggest display screen, has a size of 12.7m*2.88m with a pixel of 1,014,000. Such a giant of fine making with perfect flatness of installation and seamless join left the audience a deep impression by its shocking visual effect.

As we know, more than 90 dealers of “GKGD” came to the Expo to seek for cooperation and mutual benefits with GKGD. By the international Expo, flooded overseas customers came to us which lay a solid foundation our market aboard in the next step.  

GKGD showed rich R&D ability and scale power in the Expo. The hot popularity  foreboded a glorious future of GKGD.