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Advantages and disadvantages of high-power LED

Author:       CTR:2110       Source:       Date:2015-09-25

High-power LED is one of the most important means to achieve high luminous flux. High power LED lighting has many advantages, but also disadvantages. How good is the key to high-power LED, while the high-power LED lighting products and traditional lighting products were compared, but also for the high-flux LED lighting applications in the field of the discussion.
First, the history of the development and application of LED LED has the potential to improve the brightness of every 10 years from birth to 30 times, 10 times the price decline "Haitz" law of rapid development. Ordinary high-brightness white led lab has reached the level of the current 100lm / W's, 50lm / W high-power white LED has entered the commercial. In monochromatic light, the red, yellow, blue, green light efficiency is being constantly refreshed recording, LED as a new light source increasingly wide range of applications, has gradually attracted more attention and expectations.
Currently distributed LED application was diversified in various industries, including instructions, display, backlight, lighting and so on. LED lighting is the most potential for many applications in industry, with the LED luminous efficiency continues to improve and costs continue to decrease, which occupies the entire lighting market is also growing. Following the United States, "the next generation of lighting plan," Japan's "21st Century Lighting Plan", the EU's "Rainbow Project" and South Korea's "solid-state lighting plan", in 2003 China established the National Semiconductor Lighting engineering team designed to integrate resources, rapidly advancing LED lighting market to enter. According to the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Liang-Hui Chen predicted that China in 2005 and 2015, the semiconductor lighting can be accumulated saving 400 billion kWh of electricity, electricity cost savings for users of 260 billion yuan, 150 billion yuan output value creation, to solve the employment one million population.
By then, the semiconductor lighting energy savings will exceed the annual "Big Mac" - the annual generating capacity of the Three Gorges power station! In the background of the growing shortage of energy, the use of LED energy-saving features, the development of LED lighting is a positive response to the proposed construction of a conservation-oriented society of the government.
Second, the high-power LED light source characteristics and comparison with other LED is known as the "green light" deserved. In the lighting industry, the comparative analysis with traditional light sources, some aspects showing an irreplaceable advantage: LED as a light source for illumination has the following advantages:
1, low power consumption: luminous efficiency of 75lm / W of LED power consumption than equivalent incandescent brightness reduced by about 80%;
2, long life: product life of up to 50,000 hours, 24 hours of continuous light can be used for seven years;
3, the dynamic control of brightness and color is easy: You can achieve continuously adjustable brightness, high color purity, enables dynamic color conversion and digital control;
4, Dimension flexible: can be achieved with the construction of organic integration, to only light but not light;
5, environmental protection: no toxic metals mercury, no infrared and ultraviolet radiation;
6, color: bright and saturated, pure, no filters, red, green and blue elements can be used to tune into a variety of different colors, can be varied to achieve, by changing, mixing light effects, color with excellent results. Set so many advantages in one, made us feel strongly promote the use of LED is a very valuable work.
However, LED and other light sources have insufficient comparative aspects, such as the color of the white light illumination is low. Currently in yellow and blue phosphors to produce white LED, its color rendering index of about 80. As a general lighting can be, but for some places that require high color resolution becomes insufficient. Although the red phosphor by adding appropriate methods that can make CRI up to 90 or higher, but compared with the incandescent lamp 99 is still a certain gap, and its efficiency is affected. By RGB color mixing processing can also improve color rendering, but the technology needed to do more work on the universal application, so in terms of color, LED also needs to be improved. As the price is too high, a large one-time investment, in fact, the overall cost considerations, many occasions to use LED or significant cost savings.
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