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Product Name: PM2.5 Indoor Full Color Display

Pixel Pitch: 2.5mm
Cabinet Size: W640mm×H640mm×D95mm
Cabinet Material: Die-casting magnesium alloy
Application: Indoor small pixel pitch for rental or fixed, widely used in indoor, television studio hall, control room, video conference, exhibition, stage, commercial use and other fields.

• Small pixel pitch series, ultra high definition LED display, the high resolution brings delicate display effect.
• Wide color range, excellent color uniformity, no rainbow effect, broadcasting strong stability.
• Die-castting magnesium alloy cabinet, seamless, bezel-free, size-free splicing with adjusting accuracy 0.01mm.
• Metal cooling structure, magnesium alloy material ensures perfect heat dissipation, no noise and no fan.
• Perfect for indoor rental and fixed application, ultra light and thin, dual handles and quick lock desing, easy on-site installation.